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Someone agrees with me!

Well looky here! We’re big time!


I was reading Elizadeath’s post regarding the overheating issue, and I have to agree with her. People shouldn’t be surprised when the overpriced tech they didn’t need doesn’t work the way they were told it would. They especially shouldn’t be surprised when the big, black electronic thing they bought has problems with direct sunlight. But then, some people don’t exactly think before they buy, or before they act, and that is why America has courts of law. For all of this, you’re spot on. I think I have a video you may be interested in:

This video and email came from my new friend Andrew over at Newsy. Seriously though…I can’t believe I found someone who agreed with me when I talked shit about Apple. It’s the fucking tits when someone understands what you’re saying, so THANK YOU Andy!

So click below (cause wordpress won’t let me embed) and support!

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How fucking awesome is this song?

Seriously though, today is Funky Friday on my playlist, so I’m listening to everything from James Brown to George Clinton and Rick James to Warren G. But Stevie ‘fuckin’ Wonder – Superstition just came on and my legs couldn’t help but start grooving. They started off slow, but now they’re moving around right now under my desk like I’m playing Dance Dance Revolution. Call me weird, but I had to stand up and do a spin. Stevie just gets me every time!

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Shark Week V. True Blood

Shark Week starts this Sunday, Aug. 1 at 9PM on the Discovery Channel. That’s also the same time as a new True Blood episode.

Vampires? Sharks? Who’s going to get the DVR treatment? Why does Sunday have to be so difficult??!!

Watch some killer videos of sharks at

MMango: I LOVE SHARK WEEK MORE THAN I LOVE NUGGETS! (kidding of course, I fuckin love nuggets)

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House Explodes! — A house has exploded in the town of Norfolk and multiple people have been injured, officials said.

Norfolk Town Administrator Jack Hathaway said he did not know exactly how many were injured, but it was more than one. He also said there were reports that a couple of people were still trapped in the wreckage of the building. He said multiple ambulances had been called to the scene at 17 Winterberry Lane.

We’re still waiting for more details to be released, but police have released this video of the house exploding.

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My brothers prepping for the weekend

Just a video of my brothers up in NH getting ready for the pie situation this weekend.

I still have no idea how my mom works with them everyday/how they actually manage to bake anything…

MMango: Thats my Roadmate and my Best Man!

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Kanye: the Shakespeare of Twitter

Kanye just joined the world of twitter (@KanyeWest) and he is arguably one of the most fantastic Tweeters out there. Here’s a snapshot of his tweets in the last 12 hours:

Leonard Bernstein is the shit!!! Hit flute player is snapping write now!!! Are those Christmas bells?

I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh

My thoughts on Twitter so far… at the end of the day, God damnit I’m killing this shit!!!

this J.Press tie is the greatest tie of all tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!!!!!!!!! Kool Aid smile!!!! It’s the small things that mean so much

I’m just saying… what’s your credenza game…#DON‘TTALKTOME!!!

I ordered the salmon medium instead of medium well I didn’t want to ruin the magic

sometimes my spelling is atrocious#EDUCATIONISTHEMOTIVATION #ITSAPROCESS


(followed by)

but keep good credit

(followed by)

banks take 10 precent and kill you

Yep. You can’t make that shit up.

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Roseanne star gay

NYDailyNews – Former ‘Roseanne’ star Sara Gilbert comes out: ‘This is a whole new world for me’. After years of speculation, actress Sara Gilbert finally addressed her sexuality during a press conference Wednesday at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the former “Roseanne” actress openly spoke about her life as a lesbian, raising two children with television producer Allison Adler.

Well no fucking shit she’s a lesbian, look at her.. I mean, did you see those flannel shirts she wore on the show? That screams gay more than a baby blue ascot.

Elizadeath: This flannel comeback must have you really confused then, MMango…

MMango: Clarification – Oversized flannels i.e. girls that wear XXL flannels when they should be wearing Mediums

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Hershey’s shitting themselves — Lindsay Lohan has found some ways to bide her time while serving her jail sentence at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California. And she’s even found a snack that’s helping her cope with her time in jail.

“She’s good,” her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, told after she visited Lohan in jail on Wednesday. “She’s eating some Twizzlers.”

This is a PR nightmare for Hershey. They have to be shitting their pants right now. Anything and everything associated with Lindsay Lohan is like the opposite of the Midas touch. I wonder if they have a crisis communication in plan for this sort of situation…

On a more serious note: why the fuck is this news? LiLo is gorging on some red sticks. Big deal. She did that before she met Samantha Ronson. NEXT!

MMango: Hershey’s shitting themselves… am I the only one who see’s the irony here.. love it

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Calling All Non-Lactards!


Stop by any Cheesecake Factory today and you can pick up a slice for half price. And if you’re a lactard like myself, then ignore this message or prepare to shit your brains out.

Oh yeah…YOU’RE WELCOME. Enjoy bitches.

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