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Happy Halloween!

Get rowdy and get that corn outta my face.

MMango: Halloween! …or as the pedophiles’ like call it, the Superbowl

Antoine Dogson

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Congratulations, you’ve survived the entire countdown. Now I know what you’re going to say: MMango, you’re so biased, of course you choose this song for the #1 Halloween song of all time. You know what I have to say to that? Go fuck yourself, because there is no better artist or song in the world for halloween. I mean, I love MJ, and in the last few years of his life he was a walking Halloween costume, so I dare you to choose a better song for this countdown…. and yes I am biased. So here it is, the best Halloween song! Oh and you know you’re getting the full movie.

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Countdown to Armageddon! Best Halloween Songs! #2

NUMBER 2! Okay everyone, you’ve survived the TV theme songs, the monster mash, movie clips and the backstreet boys, so there are only two songs left. This song was a last minute gem that we almost forgot about, because, when you think about it, its really his only hit song. So look over your shoulder, because you never know when someone might be watching you too!

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Countdown to Armageddon! Best Halloween Songs! #3

We’re nearing the best two songs for Halloween, but rounding out the top 3 we have to tap into our boy band roots. Now this song doesn’t have immediate Halloween ties, but the video is crazy delicious for Halloween…

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Countdown to Armageddon! Best Halloween Songs! #4

Continuing with our Countdown to Armageddon, Best Halloween songs. Coming in at #4 is another combo list. I swear this will be our last combo, but we felt that both songs were good, but neither of them were better than our top 3, or bad enough to be kicked off the list. So #4 is sticking with a movie theme. Enjoy!

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Countdown to Armageddon! Best Halloween Songs! #5

Sorry for the Public Enemy teaser, but they won’t be making our top list. Elizadeath and I have been debating the best Halloween songs to get you in the mood for Halloween and throughout the day we’ll be counting them down until we reach #1! The songs will be a combination of songs and videos. Feel free to disagree because we really only put no more than 5 minutes of thought into this list. So to start it off we’re going to have a combo pick for #5.

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I’m sick of kids living in fantasy worlds

And I’m not talking fun fantasy like 2 chicks I’m talking your-batshit-crazy-and-need-to-get-a-grip-on-reality fantasy.

Take these Harry Potter fantastics up at Middlebury in VT:

The “Quidditch World Cup” is moving this year to the Big Apple from Middlebury’s idyllic campus. More than 60 college and high school teams have registered to compete Nov. 13 and 14 — up from 20 last year — at a park in Manhattan.

“Our hope is that it will be a real coming out party for the league,” says Alex Benepe, one of the sport’s founders and president of the newly formed nonprofit International Quidditch Association. It’s now played at hundreds of schools, he says.

Valerie Fischman, who plays Quidditch at the University of Maryland, would like to see it go much further. She’s been finding out what needs to be done to get the sport NCAA status.

That, she says, could “be a stepping stone” to becoming an Olympic sport.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association says typically 40 to 50 schools need to sponsor a varsity sport for it to consider sponsoring a national championship. The most recent sport to gain such status: women’s bowling. (via Fox Sports)

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as much a fan of Harry Potter as anyone else…but I acknowledge that I can never enroll in Hogwarts; I will never have access to an invisibility cloak; He Who Shall Not Be Named is not trying to kill me; and I can’t fly. So please, for the love of God, tell me why and HOW these kids are getting away with playing Quidditch ANNNNNDDD how it’s on the path to being considered an NCAA sport?

I’m literally picturing a bunch of kids with those epileptic helmets on running around a field with some Swiffers between their legs, throwing dodgeballs in some PVC piping hula hoop goals and tossing the Golden Snitch back-and-forth like it’s a game of monkey in the middle. The visual is killing me.

I guess what it boils down to is this: should Quidditch be an official sport or should it remain a game played at night on the quad by anti social coeds who can’t face reality?

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Show me the headband!

So after watching the Celtics play the past two nights, I really felt like something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Was it the fact that Scal was no longer on the team and our 6’9 mascot was gone from the roster? Maybe that Tony Allen was no longer on the court throwing up half court threes like an And-1 game. No and No. What was really missing was that Rajon Rondo is no longer wearing his trademark headband. Now I know this may seem trivial, but trust me, I noticed and I’m sure I’m not the only one. What was unique about Rondo’s headgear, was that he would always wear the headband upside down.


Well the NBA didn’t like that. And moving forward, they have banned any player from wearing their headbands upside down. Talk about a buzzkill. What’s next? Are they going to make teams wear shorts from the 70s (ahhh) because the current ones might be too long? We need a guy that is not over 90 years old to be the commissioner and bring some character to the league.

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Who’s the bigger douche?

I’m not sure if I like or hate Nike now…

But that’s besides the point, because the question before us is this: who is the bigger douche? Lebron or Tiger? I’m leaning towards Lebron…but maybe that’s just me?


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Don’t mess with Hell… — The Hells Angels motorcycle gang, well-known for tattoos, a violent, aggressive attitude and thundering Harley-Davidsons, is picking a fight with a small, British luxury fashion house, according to news reports.

In a complaint filed in federal court in California, the leather-clad gang has sued the Alexander McQueen fashion company, owned by France’s PPR luxury group, for allegedly misusing its winged skull logo and has demanded the couture line stop producing items like the “Hells Angels silk scarf” ($475), the “Hells Four-finger Ring” ($495) and the “Hells knuckle duster” clutch purse (selling online for just over $1,800).


OK…if there are 2 groups in America that you don’t mess with, it’s the Rosie O’Donnell Fan Club and the Hells Angels.

RIP McQueen, but count your blessings that you’re dead cause you’d be wishing you were after dealing with these kids. I remember one time riding in the back of my g-pa’s Oldsmobile station wagon with rear-facing seats. As we were driving along a pack of motorcyclists pulled up behind us. I, being the 9-year-old tart that I was, decided to start waving to them and blowing kisses. I’ve never seen my g-ma so scared before. I’m pretty sure she thought I was going to get raped and murdered. Her fear was then instilled in me and I’ve been scared of any group of motorcyclists ever since (be it the Hell’s Angels or Christians Riding for the Son).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is a group you shouldn’t fuck with. So Queen, while your ring is dope as shit and I wish I’d bought it before the HA tore in there and made it more impossible to snag than the Berkin Bag, you should probably just let this battle go to the cyclists. You will not win nor should you want to.

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