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New Hampshire is the smartest

From MMango: “Is it just me or are those “y’s” backwards?”

They are indeed, MMango.

Seasons Greetings from NH…we’re wicked smaht.

MMango: This picture was taken in my hometown of Stoneham, Massachusetts.

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Reason #463 America will stay fat

Exhibit A: Pajama Jeans

Really, ladies? I mean, we already have jeggings. If you’re too fat to fit into structured pants, maybe you should think about a gym membership…or anorexia. There really is no excuse to justify owning these. Sorry.

For a really entertaining time, go to And yes, you’ll probably regret it.

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Vick should be executed?

ESPN – Fox analyst Tucker Carlson says Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick “should have been executed” for his role in a dogfighting ring.

Carlson was guest hosting for Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night on Fox News Channel when he made the remarks. He led a panel discussion about President Barack Obama commending the owner of the Eagles for giving Vick a second chance after his release from prison.

Hey Tuck, shouldn’t you be commenting on fiscal policy or health care reform or something more important than what Michael Vick did 2 years ago? I’m not lightening what Vick did, it was absolutely terrible, but he served his time, let him get a second chance. If Vick deserves the death penalty, what about players like Stallworth who killed a HUMAN BEING while drunk driving. Stallworth served 30 days. I just don’t get it.

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Nothin’ but Net

Half court, buzzer beater, off the rim, off the shot clock, nothin’ but net. This shot by Gilbert Arenas Monday night is straight out of a 90’s McDonalds commercial. There should be no question that this basket it good. I don’t care if the rule book says different – I heard him call the shot before he took it. Rule #1, if you call the shot, it counts. No doubt about it.

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Bottoms up!

I hate Bud, but I’d drink a BL if it came from that glorious little contraption. Such a brilliant way to pour a beer…

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I’m officially over online dating

So if you’ve been reading MDHT/know me at all, you know that I’m an online dater. Not a serious one cause I use OKCupid/a dating service that you don’t have to pay for. Anyhew, I was reading this article on that was discussing a new one:

With the growing popularity of social networks, they’re turning to services like The dating application, available on Facebook and Apple’s iPhone, lets users see beyond the personal details of potential mates to their social circles, including friends and family. is adding more than 50,000 users a day, according to New York-based parent Snap Interactive, compared with the 20,000 new daily users reports.

Naturally I HAD to check it out. So I sign up, browse/reject a couple of profiles, log out and continue on with my family holiday festivities. Completely forget about it until I get a friend request from some random kid from Tennessee. As I have no idea who this kid is, I send him a message asking him if we know each other. This is what I get back:

And because that thumbnail is so tiny, here’s what he looks like:

Yeah. I need to start meeting people in real life.

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How to get from Japan to China

So apparently getting from Japan to China without flying is actually quite easier than people would think. According to Google Maps, for step 42, all you have to do is Jet Ski across the Pacific.. easy enough, right?

It’s nice to see that large conglomorates still take time to have some fun. It’s really the little things like this that make me smile. That and a well timed fart joke. Fuck you if you think I’m immature. I am.

(Shout out to Luke for the tip)

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Kittens Inspired by Kittens

So this is an old video, but my family and I have been watching it on repeat (and I’m technically on vacation this week so you’re not going to get a whole lot of original content from this kid. sorry).

“I’m her mom.”

The delivery of that line killed me.

MMango: I love this video.. but I really hope that my entire visit this weekend is not filled with quoting it. In 2004 I would’ve been all over it, but c’mon lets get something more recent for my visit.

Elizadeath: except this video wasn’t around 6 years ago. Plus you and I both know we were watching this in 04:

And we watched it on Ebaumsworld, not YouTube…

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Get me this book!

So the skateshop POETS posted a picture of a the “Nike SB Dunk” book and from one picture, I can already tell I want my hands on it. They spoke nothing of what is inside of it or what secrets it holds. All I can gather is that based on the dates listed on the binding is that it is a comprehensive book of all of SB styles and colorways dating from 1985 until 2011. I couldn’t think of a better coffee table book for my apartment, other than a coffee table book about coffee tables. So, I must repeat, GET ME THIS BOOK!


(via hypebeast)
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