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Is this the best Mac n Cheese recipe?

Now I’m only really referencing one piece of this recipe that would classify it as the best… and that is the Cheese Nips (the full article says Cheez-Its or Goldfish) crushed up to make up the crust. So what you’re telling me here, is your going to take one of my favorite comfort foods and combine it with one of my favorite cracker snacks. I really can’t handle this concoction. Mind you, I will be making this dish. Most likely combining different recipes to figure out what I like the best, but that Cheez-its crust has DEFINITELY made the all time cut for me. CAN’T WAIT!

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Reporter breaks up street fight

Youtube – As Shomari Stone prepares to shoot an intro to a news story, he witnesses a street fight break out and jumps into the fray. He’s now the #1 contender for a regional Emmy and a title shot.

Newsflash Shomari, when you get into a fight to objective is to hurt the other person. Any fight I’ve been in has never ended with a kiss on the cheek (unless it was a close friend or family member of course.. you gotta kiss and make up) it normally ends with a swift kick to the ribs or a couple 1-2 jabs to the jaw. While I appreciate your good Samaritan instincts, you really ruined a perfectly good fight video. Next time, act like Howard Cosell and give a little play by play.

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Cheerleader almost spoils result of game

Youtube – After the dunk, some Louisville cheerleaders went onto the floor, and the Fatty Cheerleader tosses the ball in the air.Lousville was called for delay of game and a technical (to the fat dude), and they put .5 seconds back on the clock.Ashton Gibbs (Pitt) made 2 free throws, and the Panthers would still have a chance to tie the game. Cheerleading FAIL

Leave it to the fat cheerleader to almost lose this game. Listen buddy, I know you really want to be apart of the team, but know your fuckin’ roll. You stay on the sidelines until halftime when you throw the hot chicks in the air while playing some Rihanna. Other than that, sit your ass down and stay off of the court.

A little piece of me wishes that he ruined this game for Louisville.

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White Wedding recap (The Preamble)

Bare with me here people. I just learned the hard way never to have a bachelor party the night before your friend is getting married. I know it’s Monday, but my eyes are still barely open. Someone at work just asked me if I had been crying because they are still red and half open. A full recap of the wedding will be available later today (or tomorrow).


My fellow groomsman and I have taken a vow of silence as to the events of the bachelor party, so I cannot recap what ensued. All I can do is share what best man’s face.. boy we had a lot of explaining to do!

Cuts, bruises and bumps could not stop this wedding


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Weekend Video: White Wedding

Elizadeath and I were taken up on our offer to have anyone invite us to their wedding. Again our gift, is our attendance, so we will be drinking heavily and dancing even heavier (clarification, while we may be dancing “heavy” we are actually very light on our feet, don’t get the two confused). So while we cut some rug, enjoy your weekend, and hopefully this is a wonderful wedding.


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A year in the life of a beard

Is it just me, or does this kid get exponentially hotter with a beard (obviously not narly red-tipped beard at the end there, but the little-more-than-a-5-o’clock-shadow beard)?

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Dance Assassin, coming to a sidewalk near you

I’m really surprised that no one accepted this challenge and got down in a b-boy stance and broke out a few windmills. Now I’m no break dancer (although I strive to one day be one) but I definitely wouldn’t sit there and get served like half of these people. Fuck it, I’d pop, I’d lock, I’d wave, do the worm, crip walk, the fuckin’ hustle, I’d do something besides clean the piss out of my pants after the shock. A true dance assassin.

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Kanye West – All of the Lights video


Few days ago, Kanye West premiered his music video for his hit single “All of the Lights”. First off, I’m nervous to watch the video in its entirety with a friggin’ epileptic warning at the beginning. I don’t want to get a seizure, never had one, but it still scares me. Regardless, the colors and flashes are visually stimulating and make me J in my P (I’m not explaining that one). Enjoy!


Sidenote: Holy fucking Rihanna tits!! that is all

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I think I’m going to retire from online dating…

So I went on a date Tuesday night with an OKCupid-er and I think I’m going to give up online dating. I mean, the guy was perfectly nice…but there were some moments that, in retrospect, should have been key indicators for me to get an “emergency call from my family” aka putting my brother Michael on speaker phone and having him run the rest of the date for me.

And what are these “key moments” that have made me sworn off online dating you ask? Well…

  • He went to Yale…and wore his college ring (and no, he’s not still in college nor is he a recent graduate).
  • He was legitimately confused when I said I was Italian…even though my last name has more vowels than you can shake a stick at.
  • I paid for some of our drinks. Now, I know what you’re thinking but I swear I’m not a raging bitch. I’m just a chick who will always offer to pay but expect the guy to brush off my offer on the first date.
  • We played Connect 4 at Common Ground ( and he tried to talk to me about the “econ stats” of Connect 4. Now, I’m no finance aficionado but even I know that doesn’t make sense.

I mean, this date was exponentially better than IBS dude but I’d still like to have one normal date. I’m not asking for a lot. I mean, I already have a job…so I’m not even facing the same struggles that most women in America are facing these days:

So to all the men of NYC: if you’re relatively normal; aren’t still obsessed with your alma mater; will pay for drinks on the first date; and don’t have a chronic disease that makes you shit yourself, please holler.

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Indiana wants you to put the Nikes away

OK, not really…wrong cult suicide…but this may actually be one of my favorite advertisement EVER: — A northern Indiana restaurant that erected billboards referring to the 1978 Jonestown cult massacre in which more than 900 people died has removed the signs following complaints that the signs were offensive.

Jeff Leslie, vice president of sales and marketing at Hacienda, acknowledged that the billboards were a mistake. He said the South Bend-based company ordered the signs removed less than two weeks into Hacienda’s new advertising campaign.

Can we hire the Hacienda marketing team for MDHT? I think they would KILL it for us.

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