This is why I love(d) wrestling!

And people say wrestling is fake. Are you fucking kidding me!? Of course its real! I was watching this video and then all of a sudden I stripped off my clothes and started doing windmills all over my hotel room. Just couldn’t help it, I was sucked right into the gimmick. I’ll tell you right now, if the WWF (or WWE whatever its called now) got these guys on Monday Night Raw, I would watch every week without fail… right now I watch about every other week, but don’t tell anyone.

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3 thoughts on “This is why I love(d) wrestling!

  1. I love it when Burkie gets called out. The Toronto media still will not do it but other media and NHL players not have any problem with it.

  2. […] say 2nd best, because we clearly crowned the best move ever when I posted the most illegal move in wrestling history earlier this year. Also, real wrestling always comes 2nd to fake wrestling in my book. Championship […]

  3. Is that true? I’ll spread this facts. Anyway, great post

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