Frankie Muniz has a girlfriend!? Oh and he might be suicidal

12News Phoenix – Phoenix officers were called to TV star Frankie Muniz’s house after an argument between Muniz and his girlfriend got out of hand, according to a Phoenix police report.

Muniz’s girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow, said in a police report she and Muniz were arguing Friday about prior relationships when he pulled out a gun and held it against his head. Turnbow said she worried he might commit suicide, so she called one of Muniz’s band mates to take him to the hospital.

Muniz denied placing the weapon against his head.

“I grabbed the case, but not the gun,” he said, adding that the gun was not loaded. Officers retrieved the gun from a downstairs closet and said it was loaded.
Here’s the deal. Frankie and hottie girlfriend were doing something that most couples try to do — be honest about their past relationships. So Frankie named off all four of his not-so-crazy hook ups in his Malcolm in the Middle days and then it was the girlfriend’s turn. Two hours later, having named over 85 dudes, 175 positions, 2 midgets and a horse,  Frankie lost it. Well deserved though; no one wants to find out that your girlfriend slept with the entire Pro-Bowl roster. It reminds me in that scene in Clerks when Dante finds out his girlfriend 37 dicks… It’s never a good situation.

Anyhew, I thought Frankie Muniz was already dead. Has he even done anything noteworthy since Malcolm in the Middle? How long until he shows up on Celebrity Apprentice or Dancing with the Stars? I give it a year.

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