The ultimate Walk of Shame outfit

So I had a pretty outrageous Friday. I mean, so much so that I’m still laughing at myself 3 days later and am just NOW posting about it because it was that silly. Anyways. I totally time traveled and woke up the next morning at my friend’s apartment downtown with a) no idea where I was and b) no recollection of leaving the bar with him. In a tizzy, I naturally got dressed as quickly as I could, asked for the best place to grab a cab, and booked it. And as I was walking through Grand Central — avoiding the gazes of families and their children who were just starting their day as I was ending mine — I realized I was wearing the most comfortable outfit in the world; a perfectly transitional outfit from Friday night to Saturday morning. So without further ado, below are the pieces (or close enough) that I was rocking. Hopefully you can utilize some/all for your next wild night out.

Pants (which were DEFINITELY the reason I was most comfortable) — Vivienne Tam Comfy Cargo Pants:

they're like pajamas...except cute...and they don't try to resemble jeans (i'm talking to you, pajama jeans)

Tank (not the exact same cause mine’s a few seasons old…but you get the idea) — Simply Vera Tank:

any billowy tank will do. gotta hid that gut full of booze and 4AM pizza

Outerwear — Zara Asymmetrical Leather Motorcycle Jacket:

it pretty much screams: "don't fucking talk to me right now." am i right or am i right?

Outerwear — Betsey Johnson Animal Print Sunglasses:

perfect for creeping a peek at your WOS activity partner to a) figure out who he is and b) determine just how bad your beer goggles were


Outerwear — Deena and Ozzy Infinity Scarf:

eternity scarves: perfect for hiding your shame and easy to put over your head!


For your purchasing pleasure:

Oh, and I didn’t list shoes but any flat will do. I recommend these:


or at least something equally as entertaining to look at when you’re yakking it….

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3 thoughts on “The ultimate Walk of Shame outfit

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