Criminal Mummy on the loose

HERMINIE, Pa. — State police in Greensburg are investigating an unusual armed robbery at a Westmoreland County gas station.

Trooper Stephen Limani said a man robbed the Buy ‘n Fly in Herminie on Monday afternoon after wrapping himself in fabric to conceal his identity. “We’re told he almost had the appearance of a mummy,” Limani told Channel 4 Action News’ Jennifer Miele.

Limani also said the man used a hatchet to threaten the clerk. The robber got away with undisclosed amount of cash. There were no injuries, police said. Investigators are viewing surveillance video of the robber. So far, police have not announced any arrests.

Best, robber, ever. How does this guy get away!? He’s dressed as a freakin’ mummy. Two scenarios here: either like I said, we have one the smartest robbers on our hands – or- we have one of the dumbest police forces. I’m going to go with the smartest robber because I never like to insult police officers. So I’m going to help them out a little bit. In order to break this case, I really think they should start by interviewing these guys. These mummies definitely have some helpful information under wraps.


Note: Can somebody tell me where this picture is from? It came up while googling mummies and it is freaking the fuck out of me.

Elizadeath: I’m going with or Halloween costume photo shoot.

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