Central Square: Black Panther

So this morning didn’t seem any different than any morning. I was walking to the bus stop waiting for the #1 bus to come along. It arrived, no problems. I got on, no problems. As I began to walk to the back of the bus, I noticed a man taking up 3 seats, not because he was fat, because he had a spot for his backpack and he was crossing his legs (man-style). Seems pretty ordinary still, except for this man was dressed head to toe in all black with commando boots on.

all black everything

After I sat down across from him, questions of this guy’s MO started to go through my mind. Was he an activist? Was he in the army? Was he just a homeless guy?

homeless was not a far stretch here

I mean anyone who keeps their hood up and wears sunglasses on an overcast day is on a mission. It wasn’t until I saw the pins he was wearing that I realized what his mission was…

the panthers.

I was sitting across from a black panther. It took me 4-5 stops to figure all of this out, mainly because I didn’t want him to catch me looking at him. As soon as I made this connection, I switched songs in my headphones to Public Enemy so quick it made my head spin.


..never a dull moment in Central Square.


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One thought on “Central Square: Black Panther

  1. […] I lived in Cambridge and took the bus to work I saw all kinds of things. Seriously, anything from a Black Panther to a business man with a fox around his neck. I really thought my encounters would end when I moved […]

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