Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape

Ha! Gotcha! But it IS the proper title of the video…at least according to the Smart Water internet guys.

I’ve got to hand it to Smart Water though — I think they’ve got something kind of good here (and for a brand that sells beautifully packaged tap water, that’s saying a lot). I definitely appreciated the viral elements they incorporated (thank God baby hands’ cameo was limited and didn’t involve his hands because I wouldn’t have made it through the entire video) but at the end of it all, I found myself longing for something a little more. You know what I was longing for? A David After Dentist bit. Yep. I needed an adorable, drugged-out kid that may potentially be bi-polar. And where was the Antoine Dobson shout out or a nod to the first ever viral video superstar: the Numa Numa kid? I don’t want to say it was a fail on Smart Water’s part because I did enjoy the video…but, Smart Water. I know the video couldn’t be 127 hours long, but I think you may have missed some primo elements to get your vid to viral status…

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