50 Cent saves a guy’s life at baseball game!


Okay, so this isn’t 50 Cent, but Mitch Davie from Brooklyn, but give me some credit here, they do sort of look the same. Well anyway, Atlanta Brave’s 2nd baseman Dan Uggla, let the bat go in the 5th inning and it went flying into the stands. This guy, Mitch Davie, made a 1-handed snag to stop the bat from hitting the guy next to him. WHILE NEVER SPILLING HIS RED STRIPE!


I think we just found the next American Idol.


The one thing that was bothering me throughout the entire picture is WHO’S FUCKING FOOT IS THAT next to the top of the bat!?!? This is really boggling my mind, I can’t connect it to a body!

via Seattle Times

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