I’ll Be Missing You, Biggie

Since MMango had his Biggie shout out post, I only felt it appropriate to do my own and share with you two of my favorite vids. Not as hardcore of a Biggie fan as MMango but a fan nonetheless.

I legit owned this single (which had the vocal and instrumental versions) and listened to it on repeat. I also used to belt it out at the top of my lungs at every BCC (Bristol Community Center) dance and purposefully did not slow dance with anyone cause it just would have been too emotional. (It may have also been due to the fact that I was about a foot-and-a-half shorter than all my classmates, but I’ll never admit that)

I also used to seriously rock out to this song, watching MTV in my family room and being oddly entertained by the bouncing smiley face during the chorus. God, remember when MTV used to actually play music video and Diddy referred to himself as Puff Daddy and almost got J.Lo arrested? Man…those were the days.

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