Someone buy me this Puma bike!

Ohhh boy do I want this bike. I mean, I’m scared as shit to ride in the city but I bet if I had this, cars would just magically move out of the way for me and I’d have an invisible protective shield that would prevent me from running into quickly-opened taxi cab doors. It’s only $479 on RueLaLa and I’d like my birthday to fall real early this year. Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Someone buy me this Puma bike!

  1. Laney says:

    Hey, Puma is having a sale on the 14th for their bikes…50% off. You should check out their website!

    • jon says:

      50% OFF until 3/21… just got my gift code JR50 and my new bike! Add that at check out and it gives you 50% off. SWEET!!!

  2. Ambi says:

    check out they seem to be running great deals on this bike. It’s an auction website and starting bids are as low as 15-20% of original cost

  3. […] of this deal, I might slap you silly and give you a wedgie. My fingers are crossed it works for their bikes […]

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