This made me LOL today (3/9/11)


When I was in college I was challenged to be a vegetarian. No one thought I could do it. Well I did, and I kept it going for about 8 months and then I got bored because I felt that I had proven my point (…and cue Elizadeath talking about how she was vegetarian for 10 years). Well, during my stint as a vegetarian, I thought about taking that next step to move towards a vegan. Needless to say I lasted 1 day, and the only reason why is because I couldn’t last 1 day without cheese. Pasta without Parmesan is a sin, can’t make nachos without some shredded cheddar, and to tell me I can never have provolone again is like murdering my heritage.

Elizadeath: I Think you meant to type: “cue my cousin Michael”. My veggie stint was when I was a kid and I’m willing to admit it doesn’t really count when you’re under 18.

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One thought on “This made me LOL today (3/9/11)

  1. Luke says:

    can i get a shout out for a grill cheeseeee..whattt

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