Mango “Monday”: the Friday edition

So MMango and I were chatting about how we don’t receive hate mail. Here is that conversation that followed that conversation for your entertainment:

MMango: rats
Elizadeath: rats?
MMango: shoot
MMango: rats
MMango: darn it
Elizadeath: haha i believe it’s “drats”
Elizadeath: no?
MMango: i’ve always heard rats
MMango: yeah i can use urban dictionary too
Elizadeath: this is so much fun!
MMango: lol
MMango: i thought you were gonna get me there
MMango: but oh no no
Elizadeath: au contraire mon amie!
Elizadeath: haha
MMango: i was going to say that
MMango: but i couldnt spell it
MMango: and that would’ve started another back n forth
MMango: lol
Elizadeath: thats what you get for taking spanish
Elizadeath: so dumb
MMango: language of the future
Elizadeath: chinese
MMango: touche
MMango: binary
Elizadeath: hahaha
Elizadeath: avatar
MMango: surrogates
Elizadeath: matrix
MMango: pixar movie
Elizadeath: lol i feel like steve carrell in anchorman
MMango: i feel like paul rudd !

Yeah. That happened.

Now send us some hate mail so it doesn’t happen again.

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