Ocho Cinco to play soccer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chad Ochocinco will try to play a different kind of football during the NFL lockout.

Never short on publicity-grabbing ideas, the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is set for a four-day tryout with Sporting Kansas City of Major League Soccer starting Tuesday.

The club said Wednesday that after the tryout, it would determine whether to extend the trial period.

I really hope this doesn’t happen. Nothing to do with the fact Chad would be pulling a Bo Jackson type move, but if he plays in the MLS that means that the NFL lockout is real. Up until this point, I refuse to believe that a lockout is possible. During the NFL season I have an excuse for 17 weeks (plus playoffs) of the year to sit in front the TV all day, eating nachos and drinking beers. Without it, I’ll be lost… but I digress. The real topic here is Ocho Cinco. Do I think he could play? meh, maybe, not sure he has the composure and ball handling skills to play pro, but who knows, we’ll have to see. We all know he has the leg for it..

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5 thoughts on “Ocho Cinco to play soccer

  1. junior 44 says:

    is he playin or not

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