Rent-A-Cop caught trying to be a real cop

TimesFreePress -A security guard who apparently wanted to play police officer pulled over the wrong person Tuesday, according to Dalton police.

James Dale Smith, 58, an employee of J.J.K. Security in Chattanooga, turned on his strobe light and tried to stop a car on Shugart Road shortly before 10 p.m. Tuesday, police spokesman Bruce Frazier said in a news release.

What Smith didn’t know was the car was an undercover vehicle and the driver a Dalton Police Department detective.

On Wednesday, Smith was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer and impersonating a public officer or employee, Frazier said.

Nothing better than seeing a fake cop get taken down by a real cop. Too many fake cops thinking that the plastic badge that they picked up at Halloween store actually means something. I have the upmost respect of actual police officers (doesn’t mean I actually like them) but absolutely no respect for the fake ones. Security guards, Mall cops, Campus police, all different terms for wannabe police officers. So to hear that one of these wannabes received a reality check definitely puts a smile on my face.


(P.S. – Look at that haircut, I could smell the fake bacon from a mile away)

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