TV Guide – Pawn Stars co-host Corey Harrison was arrested after a run-in at a bar, The Associated Press reports.

Harrison, 27, reportedly shoved a deputy and security guard Sunday night at Murray’s Saloon and Eatery in Big Bear, Calif., after getting into an argument with another customer.

Following the incident, he was booked into the Big Bear Lake jail for investigation of battery and resisting arrest. He was later cited and released.

Now way Rick is going to be happy about this one. Pawn shops come with such a shitty reputation (no help from Hardcore Pawn), but Pawn Stars has proven to be an upstanding establishment from upper-management down to the floor staff. Me personally, I could care less that Big Hoss was arrested. I actually think it adds character.

Based on the report above, some asshole at the bar was probably hassling him about being on the show and Hoss took it to him. A cop and a bouncer tried to break it up and hold back Hoss, and he kept charging (I mean isn’t that what a “big hoss” is supposed to do?). Cut and dry. Case closed. On to my next statement…


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One thought on “FREE BIG HOSS

  1. Somethings need to be commented on, this is one of those things. Thank you so much

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