The New “Awkward Family Photos”

I have a confession to make…

my first boyfriend was gay.

Yep. My K through 3rd grade boyfriend, Corey, was a homosexual. I didn’t know it at the time, but I learned at the lovely age of 17 after finding him on Myspace that he, in fact, preferred dick. I guess I should have known considering every day on the bus he’d give me something new — a hello kitty sticker; a stuffed animal; some yen (he was Chinese); or an issue of Playgirl. (Ok, that last part was a lie…but it could have happened).

I struggled for years after finding out his sexual preference. Ok. That’s also a lie. I was weirded out for about 33 and a half seconds to see my former elementary school best friend/boyfriend in drag but then I realized it was the most exciting thing to happen to me. Anyways, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this gem of a site:

Yep. My High School Boyfriend Was Gay. They’re still in their infancy but they’ve already got some gems…

the susan boyle (aka the SuBo) is always a clear sign of homosexuality

you can't argue the sexual preference of someone with a face like that

This site is definitely going places…

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