Justin Bieber’s proud to be an American!

Wait, what? I thought that dude was from America’s hat?

PopEater.com — Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber was spotted last week sporting a stars and stripes one-piece outfit, causing many to suspect he’s trying to make amends for calling Americans “evil.”

In a recent Rolling Stone article, Bieber insulted many by saying “you guys are evil” for not having a free health care system as they do in his native Canada. Yet when visiting Nottingham, England, Bieber couldn’t have shown more love for the country that made him into a global star.

 Looks like Canada’s biggest pop sensation since Celine Dion has got a serious case of the red, white, and, blue; and who can blame him? I mean, those colors really do look fantastic on everyone…and I mean everyone.

Real talk though — that American jumpsuit might be one of the most heinous things I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to go the “comfy” route while traveling, why not throw on some ADIDAS tear-away pants and a deep v-neck from American Apparel. You’ll look much less foolish…

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