I’m slowly reverting back to the 80s

I don’t know what has been going on lately, but I feel my musical tastes have been only satisfied by 80’s hip-hop and r&b. I can’t say where/when it started, but I think I realized the change when I realized I had listened to Kurtis Blow – The Breaks 25 times on repeat before I had eaten lunch. Couple that with my obsession to learn ever word to Bobby Brown’s Don’t Be Cruel and you got a beautiful disaster.

But now I’m starting to let it take control of my style. For example: shouldn’t every guy have an all white suit? Ready For the World did it, and The Whispers to an extent, and they both fucking killed it. But let me make one thing clear, if I start growing out a jheri curl, everybody who reads this has permission to punch me square in the face… this does not apply to a mustache though, because everyone knows that the addition of a mustache makes everything better….


Editor’s note: I realize that this post means absolutely nothing, I really just wanted a place to post all of those songs. So please read this with a grain of salt, but throw on your closest Kangol sweatsuit and listen to all of those songs!! (Mustache optional).

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