Maine leaglizes switchblades… for amputees

– Maine lawmakers on Wednesday approved legalizing switchblades for people with one arm, moving close to becoming the first state to make such an exception to laws that ban use of the spring-action knives.

Backers of the measure say legalizing switchblades would eliminate a need for one-armed people to be forced to open folding knives with their teeth in emergencies.

The bill to allow amputees and other one-armed people to carry the quick-opening knives cleared Maine’s Senate on Wednesday after passing the House on Tuesday, Senate officials said.

Until now, Maine banned the use of switchblades by anyone.

I know about 20 people from Maine: some are missing a few teeth, others are beautiful and I’d like to get to know more, but all of them are fun and I’m pretty sure they all have both arms (can never be too sure). Which leads me my next question, if I know half of the population of Maine – who does this law affect?? There must be like 2 amputees in the entire state.

So I did some research on this story and apparently the whole law came up because one guy who is an equestrian wanted this law so he could carry around a switch blade and be able to  react quickly in emergency situations. Which if you ask me if that is complete bullshit, there are freaks out there that can shoot guns with their feet and play the guitar with their stumps and this guy is complaining about opening his knife with his teeth. Toughen up J Weatherman, why can’t you be more like Aron Ralston?

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