Well Trevor is gay, I think we can all agree on that one. Pretty cut and dry, but I really hope that he knows that and I didn’t spoil anything for him. But that’s besides the point (Sidenote, I have those glasses… not sure how i feel about that). The topic of conversation here, are those intense dance moves, his dedication and those whinny ass bitches standing behind him. Like bitch, wipe that stank look off your face and enjoy the show. In 10 years you’re gonna be looking for Trevor to be the gay bestfriend of yours to tell your boyfriend sucks and you look gorgeous. So take off your that fur hat, ditch the fatties and bust a fuckin’ move.

Well, that being said, this might be my favorite Tr3vor video. I can’t fathom how no one in the store has a reaction. Like wake the fuck up people you’re watching history in the making! In about 10 years, you’ll see those same dance moves in some club where guys are covered in glitter and Madonna is pumping through the speakers.

Elizadeath: At least he’s building a strong cult following. Loving the fan club in this one:

Question: is it a requirement for 3 stanky, ‘tudey teen girls (one with a ridiculous hat) to be station at the Apple store at all times?

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