Just another Manic Monday night in The City…

After an evening spent in the villages (both east and west) checking out Pac Div, supergroup Random Axe, and literally rubbing elbows with Wale, I was relieved to find this gem of a video this morning (I think it’s because it made me feel less guilty about my own dance floor debauchery). I naturally shared with MMango and this is the conversation that followed…

Elizadeath: omg how amazing is this??

MMango: haha saw that yesterday
MMango: its so disturbing
MMango: fat old lady like whattt
Elizadeath: even white girls got to shout, “baby got back!”
MMango: “i’ve fallen and I can’t get up”
Elizadeath: i think that’s going to be me
Elizadeath: i mean, i was rubbing elbows with wale last night
MMango: WALE
MMango: my friend didnt know how to say his name and he was like, dude that WHALE verse is sick
MMango: ummm jimi, its Wah-Lay

Ahh yes, a perfect example of how our brains work…

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