I’ll have my dirty martini with a side of Jesus Henry Christ

It’s a rarity when you get to drink in a movie theatre. There’s one near my home in New Hampshire that serves Cosmos with chicken tenders. It’s bizarre but amazing. Anyways. I was thrilled the other night because at Tribeca Film Festival screening of Jesus Henry Christ, I not only had a stacked open bar (what up Stoli Blueberry and Sprite!) BUT I was able to transfer my beverages to a plastic cup so I could continue to booze it up while watching the film.

Naturally I decided to order a Dirty Martini (extra olives, duh) as my “to-go” drink. It was delightful and so much better than my sneaky nips/Fuze combo for the midnight viewing of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never with my roommie. Yes, I saw Never Say Never in theatres. The point is this: alcoholic beverages are so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to pretend it’s only juice you’re drinking. Am I right or amiright?

That being said, the movie was phenomenal. I laughed out loud…a lot. And I wasn’t the only one (so either we were ALL bombed or the movie was legit enjoyable). Fingers crossed it gets mass distribution…if only for the fact that I can say I saw it before all of you. Jokes! Kind of…

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