Bieber does it again!

My god, no one can fuck with Bieber right now. Anytime you think he’s fading away he just comes back bigger and stronger (figuratively, bc he’s still only 5’5).. but bringing Breezy out as a surprise guest and then rapping the shit out of Busta’s verse in Look at Me Now and top it off, just swaggin out a fresh dougie.. like fuck man, save some of that for the rest of us. The boy just put all of Australia on blast.

whaaaaaat. swag.

Elizadeath: Holy. Shit. I’m legit speechless. I wish I had seen this earlier in the day; I feel like it definitely would have gotten me so effin’ amped for my presentation. #Canada! #Canada! #Canada!

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One thought on “Bieber does it again!

  1. Jenna says:

    No WAY! Bieber got schooled by a Berklee chick:–l4

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