Detroit couple has their own “royal wedding” — Hours after the royal wedding in London Friday morning, a Detroit couple got married at another castle on this side of the pond. Yep, White Castle. The couple, Marquisa Benford and Donahvan Gray, met at the White Castle two years ago.

“When he came and he flashed those dimples, it melted me. Instantly. I didn’t even want to leave the White Castle after that.”

They were marrried by an ordained minister named Puddin’, who’s also a local DJ in Detroit. For the reception, of course, they dined on the restaurant’s famous small burgers.

Even “the queen” was in attendance!

Good God I love America. I mean, this may be the only country where it’s possible to get married in a fast food restaurant AND have it officiated by a local DJ named Puddin’. I mean, that’s true love. That’s the stuff Lifetime moveies are made of. That’s real romance.

I’m unable to embed video, but if you click below I swear you will not regret it. Epic. Truly.

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One thought on “Detroit couple has their own “royal wedding”

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