So, I’m selling my TV on Craigslist (Here’s the ad $100 if anyone wants it). I’ve never sold anything on CL before so I’m new to the whole deal. Well, I posted the TV this weekend and got a few responses. One person left their number and told me they were interested in the TV and to give them a call. So I called them and left a message and gave my cell# to call me back. Well this morning I heard back….

Seriously, what the fuck just happened. He still hasn’t responded, but I’m buggin’ out. Am I going to get raped by the second coming of the Craigslist Killer!? Is he too embarrassed to buy the TV now??  Is selling a TV on CL code for something that I don’t know? Is this guy trying to get on TFLN? What just happened, I just want to sell my TV!??

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5 thoughts on “Craigslist… WHAT THE FUCK DID I GET MYSELF INTO!

  1. Looks like an autocomplete fail to me.

  2. Bob says:

    Another striking case of WTF!?!?

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