Pippa Middleton getting some serious offers

MusicRooms – Kate Middleton’s little sister was made the offer by Vivid Entertainment boss after being seen at the Royal Wedding. Pippa Middleton has been getting some serious press coverage since appearing in “that dress” at the Royal Wedding – in particular her tight, toned derriere.

As well as being tipped for Rear of The Year, website TMZ has reported that the little sister of Kate Middleton has been offered a massive $5 million to appear in one scene of a porn film!

So regardless whether Pippa wants to be in this film or not, I think its inevitable that a porno based on the royal wedding will be made. So the important question here, is what will the title be? (From what I’ve heard from my roommate Freshman year of college) Porno titles can be very creative, so I’m going to try to offer some of my creativity to win this battle. Hmmm. The Crown Jewels? The Royal Wetting (that one’s gotta be XXX rated, bc I threw up a little thinking of that one). Pippa Longstalking? Prince William’s Prince Albert? All Feel the Queen? Fuckingham Palace? I’m gonna need some more time with these, this is harder than I thought… that’s what she said.

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3 thoughts on “Pippa Middleton getting some serious offers

  1. aaron says:


    it already does. this was before the wedding even happened..

  2. some really interesting details you have written.

  3. Richard says:

    Please stop helping out with Pippa’s self-promotion. Enough already. What is Pippa’s PR firm giving you for this story?

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