The countdown to Las Vegas begins…

In about 3 days both Elizadeath and I will be on a plane to the City of Sin: Las Vegas. Fortunate for you guys, we will be live blogging our encounters and experiences. One thing that I’ll be instituting for this trip is the weekend bucket list. I will consider my trip a failure if I can’t knock out a majority of items:

– Blackout

– Get kicked out of a casino

– Get kicked out of my hotel

– Not sleep the entire weekend

– Ask a girl to marry me (bonus points if she says yes and extra bonus points if I do it)

– Attend and be a witness at a wedding (extra bonus points if it’s mine)

– Count cards (I watched 21 last weekend, and I’m convinced I can do it)

– Pretend you are someone else (I’m either in the movie business or an aspiring trapeze artist)

– Find a famous person and take a picture (Bonus points if it’s the girl I marry)

– Miss my return flight home

I’m sure Elizadeath has her own list, which she’ll add soon. I’m getting pumped, someone do me a favor and cue the party music! Andddd… here is the theme song for trip.

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