Did BP fix up her own oil spill?

Sorry, that’s kind of mean…but I’m Italian and have a serious case of grease face so I guess I can make fun other others with oily skin, right?

Anyways. Everyone’s going ape shit over whether or not Bristol Palin went under the knife. See exhibit A below:

Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s a case of growing up or someone else’s work but the bigger question here is: why is she starring in a reality TV show with Kyle Massey and his brother AND did she get work done for the show??

Real talk, is this real life? Is she really going to be living with Kyle, his bro, and her baby in LA? Shit seems real weird. I’m not sure I’ll actually believe it until I’m curled up in bed with a bowl of coconut milk ice cream and this not-so-randomly ends up on my TV screen. Yep. Only THEN will I believe it.

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