Australians really are ass backwards

Yep. Australia is a truly ass backwards country.

Not only do their toilets flush the wrong way but they’re all about this new craze: planking.

Confused? Yeah, I was too. Even after the video I still don’t think I understand it:

Is there something I’m missing? Don’t get me wrong, this would be funny as shit to come across when crossing a bridge or a basketball hoop or a balcony (too soon?)…but this has reached full on Icing status? And you don’t even have to be crunked to participate? Maybe it really is the end of the world…

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed this shit doesn’t come to America. And if it does, you better watch out…cause I’ll make sure you tip off of whatever structure you’re balancing on.

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2 thoughts on “Australians really are ass backwards

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  2. […] I want to go Cone-ing so bad right now. Planking is sooo yesterday, summer is here and say hello to Cone-ing! New favorite […]

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