Teenage Mutant Ninja Tabbies!

My cousins and I always liked to pick which ninja turtle we would want to be when we were younger. It would normally involve us all wanting to be Michelangelo because he was the goof ball and loved pizza. No one really wanted to be Donatello because he was such a nancy or Leonardo because he was always bossing everyone around or Raphael because he was such a hothead. But after seeing this new installment, I want to be Raphael! That pose is so fucking badass! It’s like a cross between a kung fu pose and a 80’s breakdancing move with all the swag you could ask for. I don’t even care that they just killed master splinter, I’m all about that Raphael pose.

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2 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Tabbies!

  1. Bestie says:

    I think Donatello “presenting” in this picture. Must be in heat.

  2. Bestie says:

    Is “presenting”

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