Is this the worst email to accidentally send someone?

I know MMango has experienced awkward texting, but don’t go thinking only half of MDHT receives unsolicited messages!

From an unknown woman who shall remain nameless:

Sent at 4:01PM: 

Eric, there is no healing or loving kindness that can arise from all the turmoil u have caused. Yo…

Follow-up at 6:15PM:

I already know u will lie and say u did not steal but a pawn search proves u a liar. And u have the balls to say u love me? I’d hate to see what u would do to me if u hated me. U broke my heart and burned the bridge in one swift stroke. And it is a terrible shame. Heroin must be the greatest thing in the wide world because u sacrificed a great love for it. I would have died for u. But u couldn’t control yourself. I’ve never felt more pain in all my life. Good luck getting clean. Do right to your self and to the future Mrs. Manganiello. Life can be beautiful if u would allow it to touch your soul instead of heroin. U have to want it MORE than lying, stealing and heroin. Those are the rules, even if u don’t want to hear it.

Additional Follow-up at 6:33PM:

I thought u would love and protect me…not be the one I have to be protected from

To which I responded at 6:49PM:

I think you have the wrong email address.

And the convo concluded at 6:53PM:

Omg how incredibly embarrassing

Well you can say that again. Honestly, I feel terrible…I hope she finds the right Mango but part of me also wants to know why this chick is so batshit crazy. Is that bad? I’m totally invested at this point…I kind of have the right to know what happened, no?

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One thought on “Is this the worst email to accidentally send someone?

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