Spot that Hipster! (6-10-11)

New addition to Spot that Hipster. Now this was an email submission (send all entries and photos to

Now the back story on this next hipster is pretty intense. He originated from a preppy abercrombie background – popped collars, polo hats and flip flops – before he was hit with the hipster epidemic. It didn’t take long after college, but once he was infected, it went full blown. He dabbled in suburbs of Medford before he moved to hipster central Massachusetts: Central Square, Cambridge.. One year later, he upped his game to living in hipster central New York: Williamsburg. I couldn’t make this journey up, just straight oozing hipster. See for yourself:

Self portraits? check. Mustache? check. Fake Glasses? check. Tank Tops? check. Fingerless gloves? check. Vintage sunglasses and hats? check and check. Pictures taken through Apple’s photobooth? Checkmate.

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