The 7 best Weiner headlines

Congressman Weiner has obviously been in the news quite a bit lately (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google “Weiner”. I promise that for the first time in your life this will be 100% safe for work).

Anyways, as a result of his unfortunate (but incredibly appropriate) last name, media outlets have been turning out some serious gems when discussing the situation. Below are the 7 best headlines I’ve come across:

1. The Washington Times:

Must be a group of feminists or something…

2. Seattle Post Intelligencer:

Was Lorena Bobbit involved?

3. Another work of genius from Seattle PI/Politico

4. The New York Times

5. (local affiliate in Ohio)

The fact that this is on is even more hilarious to me.

6. Front Page Media:


Sounds like rape?

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