The importance of the taxi cab makeout

Last week, during Internet Week*, I had the chance to check out the Kaboodle‘s “Fab at Five” Fête & Fashion show. My girl Clutch22 was selected to walk in it so I went for moral support…aka to drink a shit ton of wine and then awkwardly wave my arms at her as she walked down the runway thinking she could see me. Minor details.

After the show (see below for the only evidence of my attendance) and after another goblet of wine (the bartender was very good to me) a group of us somehow got on the topic of the taxi cab make out. Not sure how we got there but it certainly made for some entertaining conversation because I’m pretty much an expert on the topic. I mean, in both Boston and New York I lived with family…you have to get sneaky.

Anyways, as we were chatting, I realized just how important a taxi cab make out can be. They’re pretty much the best way to decide if you want to bring a guy home or not AND they can reveal a lot about the gentleman you’re locking lips with. So here are my top 5 reasons why taxi cab make out sessions are uber important:

1. Haven’t made out in a while? No worries! It’s the perfect opportunity to get a quick fix in without the full commitment of bringing someone home.

2. It usually reveals A LOT about how the rest of the night will play out. If he’s not a good kisser in the back of a moving vehicle, he’s not going to be a good kisser when you get him home.

3. It’s a great way to get even with all the cab drivers that have harassed you/made you uncomfortable (OK, this may not be fair but when I’m drunk it sure does seem like a big old “fuck you!” to the cabbies that have made me want to purchase a bike).

4. It’s a good stretch for your quads. I don’t know about you, but I hardly have the time to get a good stretch in these days.

5. 9x out of 10, it equals out to a free cab ride home!

So if you haven’t locked lips in the back of a taxi, I suggest getting on that STAT. And if you’re making out in a cab while reading this on your phone…then congrats! you are officially the no. 1 fan of MDHT. DM me on Twitter and I’ll buy you a drink.

I’m the one with the sword.

*Yes such a thing exists and yes, I participated. Get over it.

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4 thoughts on “The importance of the taxi cab makeout

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