So who is Peter Gabriel again?

So when Elizadeath told me that she was making today “Peter Gabriel” day, my first reaction was “oh that guy who uses the talk box when he performs… no. That is Peter Frampton.

NOT Peter Gabriel

Understandable mistake. I mean they’re both Peters and they both are musicians. With my 2nd guess, I actually took about 10 steps in the opposite direction. Peter Gammons is not Peter Gabriel. I’m actually quite shocked this crossed my mind because I know who Peter Gammons is. He is the asshole who interviewed me at a Red Sox game when I was 9 and told me I’d be on NESN. So I told all of my friends and family to watch and what do you know… I was never on NESN. So fuck Peter Gammons. He is definitely not Peter Gabriel.


So now I’m a little lost. Who exactly is Peter Gabriel? After some Wikipedia searching, I learned that he was in Genesis. So naturally I asked Elizadeath if she actually meant today was “Phil Collins” day. Today is not Phil Collins day. Today is Peter Gabriel day. My conclusion? Phil Collins is not Peter Gabriel.

Phil Collins is NOT Peter Gabriel

It’s pretty safe to say at this point that I have no fucking clue who Peter Gabriel is. So there is only one other place to go to find out and that is YouTube. As soon as I hit the tube I knew who he was. Peter Gabriel sings Roxanne!! Fuck, not that’s Sting. PG is the fucking Solsbury Hill guy! Ugh, finally, case solved.

(I still don’t really know who he is)

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