Beer no longer qualifies as food in Russia

BBC News — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a bill that officially classifies beer as alcoholic.

Until now anything containing less than 10% alcohol in Russia has been considered a foodstuff.

Although vodka has long been the traditional tipple in Russia, beer has soared in popularity, being marketed as a healthier alternative to spirits.

Correspondents say it is common to see people swigging beer in the street and in parks as if they are drinking soft drinks.

Those commies may be crazy but they’re definitely onto something. Liquid diets are so hot right now. No one likes to eat  solid food. Such a waste of time. All that chewing and shit? No one has time for that.

My heart breaks for the country of Russia. I wish you all the luck as you attempt to understand solid foodstuffs as a source of nutrients.

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