I installed A/C this weekend

Praise the lord as I now have air conditioning in my apartment. No more walking around in my underwear in the dark. No more looking like a hermit to my neighbors for closing all of the blinds.. all day long. No more waking up in the middle of the night thinking I peed the bed only to find out it’s because I was in a deep sweat. No more sweating after I peel an orange… well that might still happen. I’ve used some pictures to help put this into perspective.



And yes in case you were wondering, this heatwave turned me into an old black man who wears jorts, but by installing A/C I swiftly turned into a bald Asian cartoon. Crazy how these things work. Well, obviously since now I can cool myself down, the heatwave has dissipated. In celebration of not having another 100 degree week, here is a hot morning playlist.

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One thought on “I installed A/C this weekend

  1. […] says he was sweating his balls off this weekend…but he didn’t have to deal with NYC subway platforms aka the 10th […]

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