Megamind does the Dougie

Well I’m pretty sure all of the regular readers know that I love the Dougie and all videos of people doing the dougie. Well, [nerd alert] I was watching Megamind last night, which by the way was awesome, and practically spit out my drink right as the movie ended. In the last scene, Megamind starts playing Michael Jackson’s bad and pulls out his best dance moves – typical Disney/Pixar/DreamWorks moving ending. HOWEVER, I had to rewind because I couldn’t believe my eyes when the dance sequence started. Someone hit Megamind with a swag injection, because he starts off his dance with a dougie, goes right into a stanky leg, and then a few seconds later starts doing the jerk!

Someone at DreamWorks is a closet dancer.

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4 thoughts on “Megamind does the Dougie

  1. Luke says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yesssss that Dougie!

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