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Human Sling shot Slip n Slide looks like the 2nd most fun thing you can do laying down

The 1st most fun thing is sex, just wanted to make that clear. But back to the video, this looks like it was the best party to be at. Hot girls, cold beers, soakin’ wet… slides, sling shots and a giant pond to dive into. Someone get me there, or recreate this entire video and invite me. Also, That double front flip dive at 0:31 is fucking bad ass.

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A look into Elizadeath’s future…

From MMango:

Elizadeath: sweet jesus! that’s going to be me when i’m older at the rate that i’m going.

MMango: at least you’ll have 7 kids!

Elizadeath: mom will be so happy

Image via DListed

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Dramatic Donkey


A cigarette pooping donkey. Pretty good. A human donkey smoking the cigarettes. A lot better. But the downfall of this video is trying to compete with the Dramatic Chipmunk. Let’s be serious, that’s like trying to recreate a Michael Jackson song… it will never compare.


Bring on the drama

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I’m starting to think DMX prefers being in jail

(Reuters) -Troubled rapper DMX, released from an Arizona prison last month, was arrested again after the car he was driving was clocked at 102 miles per hour on a major freeway, state police said on Thursday.

State troopers pulled over the rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, on Wednesday after the Chrysler 300 he was driving was caught on radar exceeding the freeway’s 65 mph speed limit, said Bart Graves, an Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesman.

The incident is the latest in a series of run-ins with the law in Arizona for Simmons, 40, who has been arrested at least six times in the last three years on a variety of charges.

Someone is clearly makin him act a fool.. Up in here, up in here.. because six times in 3 years must make DMX lose his cool.. Up in here, up in here. But seriously? Is it just me or did DMX go really crazy after Aaliyah died (warning, video link is fuckin tear jerker)?


And is it just me or does he look crazier every time he gets arrested?


Damn man, get yourself back on track and make some good music again!!

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How I spent my time with Irene

So in Boston, Irene was pretty much no where to be seen. I mean sure, there were a couple downed trees and branches flying around but besides that, it was just some heavy rain on Saturday. Well, I went to my parents house on Saturday, to be there if anything bad happened from the storm (really just to do my laundry). Needless to say, things got boring fast. I wasn’t there for an hour before my sister and I cracked open our first of many bottles of wine.

Now the issue was how do we kill time? Our first plan was to play a game of Scrabble. Hurricanes + Drinking + Board games = Success. 100% of the time. However, that got old after I smoked my English teaching sister by about 100 points (pat myself on the back). So now we were back to square one. Both of us really bored – nothing good on TV. What happened next was interesting. Maybe it was the 3rd bottle of wine talking, maybe it was the cabin fever, maybe I just do weird things, but anyhow, I challenged my sister to a Rock Paper Scissors contest.

The stakes were high.  Loser had to go stand out in the hurricane and withstand the torrential downpour. First throw, I toss out paper, she goes with scissors. I’m already down 1. Next, I double up and throw paper again. She throws rock. Tied it up, 1-1. Next throw wins. I go for an unorthodox approach and throw out ANOTHER paper and she throws….

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Times Square slip n’ slide

Irene didn’t stop the New Yorkers who weren’t afraid of a strong breeze from having fun:

Real talk, I’m really impressed. New Yorkers are such babies most of the time. This actually makes me kind of proud to live here (but only a little). Bare-chested slip n’ sliding on the streets of NYC? That takes balls. Way to go.

And how the hell did I miss this?

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Beyonce is preggo!

She confirmed her pregnancy on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV VMAs and finally, Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting their first child.

According to MTV, Beyonce just dropped the bombshell on the red carpet. Bey showed up in a flowing red dress holding her baby bump. (Via Global Grind)

I can’t even imagine what this baby will do for/bring to the hip hop world…

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