The NYT is looking for your favorite bodega cat

I realized I haven’t talked about cats in a while (and I was reminded that this is cats-only blog by a friend at dinner this weekend). That said, below is a mockumentary on bodega cats aka the most wild, exotic creatures in the concrete jungle:

Everyone has a favorite bodega cat (mine happens to be at the little Mexican deli on 13th and A that serves the best tamales I’ve ever eaten in my entire life).

Anyways, the NYT’s is looking for YOUR favorite bodega cat. Put the spotlight on your feline friend and submit the following info to

1.  neighborhood of bodega

2.  name of cat if known

3. attributes of cat

Please do this. I really want a cat slideshow on the City Room page (it’s easier to explain the NY Times URL to my IT department than CuteRoulette or something equally as non-work related).

Via City Room

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