Man gets possessed by devil, prompty tases pastor while the deacon stabs woman

No really, that’s what happened.. well minus the devil:

ST. ELMO, Ala. — The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a bizarre case out of St. Elmo, after a church pastor was tased and a woman was stabbed during a fight.

It happened at the New Welcome Baptist Church after Sunday service.

Simone Moore is a self proclaimed R&B artist, he ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate, and he’s a teacher in Mobile County. Now, Moore is wanted by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office after authorities say he tased the Rev. Daryl Riley.

Deputies say things started when Moore, who worked as the church’s minister of music was handed his last paycheck and told by Riley that his services were no longer needed. Investigators say that’s when Moore tased the pastor.

A fight ensued, and deputies say Harvey Hunt, a deacon at the church, pulled out a pocketknife and began stabbing Moore’s mother, Agolia, in the arm.

Six people were injured in the fight; all have been released from the hospital.

So let me get this straight, an R&B singer, tases a pastor, a fight ensues, and then a deacon pulls out a pocket knife and stabs the R&B singer’s mother in the arm. I wish I could make up a story this good. I pray (no pun intended) that a video of the debacle gets released.  Until then, I can’t really believe the story. How can an angel with this voice go all ape shit in a church?

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