Killer spiders on the loose in Maine


FREEPORT, Maine — Maine State Police say a spider is to blame for an accident involving a Jeep that rolled over multiple times before hitting a tree off Interstate 295 in Freeport.

Trooper Marvin Hinkley says 65-year-old Susan Sefcik, of Edgecomb, lost control of the vehicle Monday morning while swatting at a spider that dropped in front of her face. He says that she and her husband, 65-year-old George Sefcik, both escaped with minor injuries.

You gotta feel for this woman, spiders suck, but shouldn’t you be conditioned to this stuff in Maine? Whatever, there’s nothing worse than being trapped inside a car with a spider. I don’t care if the spider is the size of a raindrop or an eight legged freak, it’s scary and icky and after watching Arachnophobia when I was 9, I can never look at them the same again.

Editors Note: Tell me I’m not the only one who feels that if you try to kill a spider and fail, the spider remembers and will come back to get you.


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