What do you do? Elizadeath faces a professional conundrum

What do you do when you run into a really important person from work outside of the office/more importantly, on the same Amtrak Northeast Regional train as you?

Cause that happened.

See, I know myself well enough that I did NOT invite him to sit next to me even though we were on a crowded train. I did a little too much drinking the night before to know that there was definitely some fucked up juice still left in my system for me to NOT say something inappropriate. There’s also the fact that I put my foot in my mouth (not literally) more often than a lactard shits after downing a pie from Artichoke. Gross? Deal with it.

Anyways, we said hello and chatted for 2.5 seconds but I didn’t move my purse/backpack/laptop/feet so he continued onto the train behind me…but now I’m left wondering if that was the wrong move to make professionally? I mean, here’s someone who helps decide whether I’m promoted or not and, more importantly, whether or not I get more cash money. And seeing as though promotions were just announced and yours truly didn’t make the cut, I’m guessing this train conundrum played a major role, no?

But honestly, what would YOU do?

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