can be really creepy

So it’s not news that I’m an online dater. I’ve dabbled in the world of free online dating for over a year now (what up, OKCupid!) but have decided  to step it up and join Match. I guess I’m just tired of meeting cheapos who require me to awkwardly reach for my wallet and then actually go dutch on a first date. I figure if they pay for dating services, they’ll be willing to at least cover my drinks.

I have my first Match date tonight (which I’m jazzed about) but as I was checking out my date’s profile to make sure I really want to go through with this, I got this match mail from another male suitor:

In case you can’t read the small print from this Zach Galifianakis look-alike,  it says:

I feel like you and I might be able to make an intense connection. Check out my profile and, if you think we could explore one another, get back to me so we can set something up.

Intense connection?

Explore one another?

That sounds a lot like rape, if you ask me. Match: you better step it up and screen your creepers or I’m out.

MMango: Wait, you’re not going out with that guy, are you? I know you have terrible standards, but that is just bad.

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4 thoughts on “ can be really creepy

  1. will date for free food says:

    Good luck on your first Match date! I’ve been on Match for 3 months now and so far it has been half and half on if the man will step up and pay for dinner and/or drinks. The only thing about Match, is that not all of the profiles people are actually paying for. So the chances of someone being able to message you or actually seeing their message is lower then the free sites! The two other girls I’m doing our blog with are both on free sites… we’ll have to compare more down the line.

    I think you would get a kick out of our blog… we just started it but just last night we posted a message one of us received through online dating – it’s the best one I’ve seen to date!

    Good luck again, can’t wait to see how it goes!

    • elizadeath says:

      hahah i’ll definitely keep you posted! prepare for a follow-up and more bizarre dates to come.

      p.s. i once went on a date with a guy who confessed he had IBS…then left for 15 minutes to take a dump. the world of online dating is a nightmare.

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