Marty McFly Sneakers are coming!!

So I think Elizadeath is at a client event this morning.. or at least I hope so. Otherwise, that would mean that she got kidnapped by her 1st date. So fingers crossed, she’s still alive.
Anyhew, I’m fucking shit swamped at work, like always, which sucks because I have so much stuff I want to write about this week. So many awesome pictures and stories to share, but zero time to share them. Maybe next week, or month, or year. Who knows, but for now, I came across this nice little teaser video of new sneakers Nike plans to release, the Mags, or better known as the shoes from Back to the Future.


By now, you should all know I’m a sneakerhead, so these are something that really excites me. You can’t tell from the video, but anyone who’s seen BTTF, knows that these sneakers lace themselves (read: fucking badass). Will I buy them? Most likely not because they’re going to be marked as $800. Will I talk about buying them? every. fucking. day.

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