My weekend trip to OuterSpace

So this past weekend marked the last time all of the Mango boys would be together for a while. Obviously there are plenty of things to do: bars, dancing, hookers.. you get the idea. But while all of those are great in their own respect, none of them really allow family bonding (not bondage). What does allow family bonding? Trips to OuterSpace!

Now for those who don’t know what OuterSpace is, just think of a Cheech and Chong movie and you’ll be able to fill in the blanks. If you still don’t understand, then go back under your rock. For those who do know what I’m alluding too, please enjoy these few pictures of the Mango boys as astronauts.

Yes, you are seeing that correctly, we are deep in space with our tin foil space hats…


Additional note: Yes, my weekend did end with a very emotional goodbye man hug with my cousin Charlie

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One thought on “My weekend trip to OuterSpace

  1. […] outerspace with my bestie (elizadeath’s  broseph). Odd things tend to happen in outerspace – see My weekend trip to Outerspace – and this trip would prove to be no different. After lift off, we landed on Mars and hiked […]

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