I wish I was a breakdancer

If I could acquire one skill in life, it would be breakdancing. And I’m including all the fake things too, like flying, x-ray vision, and time traveling. Granted I’ll probably regret that statement when all of my friends have super human strength, and I’m doing windmills on the street corner, but for now, I’m with it – Especially every time I see videos like this one from the Notorious International Breakdance Event.



Sure, Superman might be able to move buildings, but these skills move crowds. I’m sitting at my desk at work gasping and yelling at my monitor like I’m in the stands at an And1 Streetball competition. The strength and creativity of these dancers is fuckin’ unreal and it’s so inspiring. But at the same time it’s depressing, because as much as I want to do the moves I see, my skill still looks like this..



..and I’m 90% sure I’ve been told to stop before I hurt myself too.

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